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man what a fucking boring ass day.
i hate days when i have to stay home.
happy birthday to the jews.
as yuval and elad are known as.
or the twins.
then tomorrow is melissas birthday.
then comes jenns.
if i dont see eigther of you i wish you a happy birthday.
you would think as manytimes as it happens it would be as bad the next time but,
it is.
oh well.
life goes on.
live learn and then get luvs.
as so the comercial goes.
man i dont know what i was thinking when i blended eggs milk cheese sasage and ham together in a blender.
that was kinda grose.
well at least the dog enjoyed it.
well i got some shit to do.
i must make a birthday card for melissa like i promissed.
and i dont know what i was suppose to do with jenn.
somethin about a movie but plans could have changed.
that happens.
i got shit to do so...
see ya later.
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