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ah man........

well i saw shawn of the dead last night. that was cool i got to hang out with melissa, yuval, nick, erin, elad, dillan, and jim yesterday and we all went to bretts house, well most of us and we had pizza and we played base ball. im not really a baseball fan but i think i did good. me brett and bob were on a team and we made bob look really bad. bob almost nailed one of the soccor girls with a ball cause hes dumb and he cant hit a base ball for shit. but thats besides the point i had a very fun day, and props to melissa for looking hot as hell! shawn of the dead was really funny,scary,sad all in one movie. the down side of today is i gotta walk my ass to rock point to get my bike. oh well. so i met caseys sister last night, kirbywhite thats is, and shes pretty nice. its always nice to get somebody elses point of view from something. im glad i met her. it was pretty funny cause when we were talking to them i was putting pocket lint in elad hair and everyone was laughing at him and he didnt know whats going on. good times.
all right well peace out guys.
shout out to all my homies!!
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